Join us on Friday, Jan. 18th at 5:30 PM at Cobo!

The outrageous announcement by General Motors just one month ago, announcing thousands of worker layoffs and the shuttering of 5 plants across North America, is yet another cruel slap in the faces of the auto workers and communities who have made vital contributions to the very survival and subsequent success of GM.   
37 years ago, the City of Detroit invoked eminent domain to gift the entire historic Poletown neighborhood in Hamtramck to General Motors, wiping out an entire community so the company could build the factory it intends to shutter.

Just 10 years ago, the people rescued GM from the brink of collapse with a $51 billion bailout.

This latest shameful announcement comes at a time when the company is reporting record profits (including $2.5 billion in the third quarter of 2018 alone) and its CEO, Mary Barra, makes $22 million a year.
And while the company is ending production of the Volt and other smaller-sized sedans, it will be reinvesting in gas-guzzling pickup trucks and SUVs. In short, GM has abdicated even the most basic of commitments to the well-being of our society and the planet.
It is time that we as a community stand up to these reckless, corporate bullies and demand our elected leaders take the decisive action we need in order to survive as a species. Join us on Friday, January 18th at 5:30 pm in front of Cobo Hall, where we, the people will take the fight directly to the greedy CEOs who have callously upended the lives of thousands of people right here in Detroit.

Art build for the Jan 18 action will be Jan 12, 3-7 (1pm for handful of folks to help set up) at Talking Dolls Studio
7145 E. Davison
Detroit, 48212

All abilities/ages welcome

We demand the Mayor and City Council take bold action, and make Detroit the engine of a Green New Deal, by immediately taking public control of the Poletown plant to bring thousands of green union jobs to out communities. We need bold, visionary action today if we are going to avert climate catastrophe and rehabilitate the Rust Belt.

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